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Comprehensive Perspective

We understand orthodontics is part of the bigger picture of your dental health!

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We are confident that you will be thrilled with the results you see. Our results speak for themselves!

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At All Smiles, you are a person, not just a patient. Our care is catered to your needs!

6 Month Smiles

When people think of orthodontics, they think of the long process that used to involve braces, head
gear and other pesky devices. Fortunately, there are many orthodontic options today. We are progressing towards effective, fast and less visibly awkward orthodontic options.

If you do need teeth straightening, there are many options and we are sure there is one suited just for you. Check out our orthodontic and braces options in Westminster, MD!


If you suffer from crooked teeth, you’re probably aware of the dental treatments available out there. Braces are the best tried and true method of getting crooked teeth perfectly straight. But the cost and the prospect of having to wear them for a year or more makes many adults hesitant to invest in braces.

What if we told you that you could straighten your teeth without half the problems attached to traditional braces? We call it the 6 Months Smiles. These clear, comparatively inexpensive braces need to be worn for only 6 months. 6 Months Smiles, is a great way for adults to straighten their teeth with a simple and quick solution.


When you think about orthodontics, chances are you conjure up a picture of a lengthy processes involving braces, headgear and other tiresome appliances. While it’s reasonable to be concerned about the time, cost, and pain associated with orthodontics, it’s time to take your oral health seriously and straighten your crooked, misaligned teeth.

The best news? We’ve come a long way from the metal mouth you are thinking about. Today, you have so many more options. With Invisalign, it’s likely some people won’t even notice you are wearing “braces”.


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Why Choose Us?

Our Westminster, MD orthodontists get fantastic results with a different kind of perspective on your dental health. Other orthodontists may simply want to get your teeth straight, but can often cause other problems as a result. We approach your new smile seeing how it effects your overall dental heath. And we do it all with an extreme attention to detail and care for you as an individual. 

Improve your smile by visiting All Smiles Care. We offer some of the best orthodontist services in Westminster, MD & Carroll County. All Smiles Care offers the following orthodontic services: braces, Invisalign, the 6 Month Smiles program and more. For more information, learn about our payment options, comfortable environment, and our primary orthodontist – Dr. Gary Imm.

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