Pinhole Surgical Technique

Lack of gum? Correct decades of receding gum damage in an hour with the Pinhole surgical technique

If you have receding gums, you are definitely not alone. A lack of gum can eventually lead to your losing your teeth; it is important for you to understand why you have receding gums.

Because one of the more prevalent problems associated with receding gums includes tooth loss and/or bone loss, it’s often necessary for those with receding gums to find a receding gum treatment that will work for them.

Conventionally, when someone had receding gums it was necessary to perform a gum grafting procedure, which involved a lot of cutting and stitching. Fortunately, there is a newer and much less invasive gum treatment procedure available for you.

Reverse receding gums without any cutting or stitching

The pinhole surgical technique is now available and doesn’t require any cutting or stitching, which makes it a minimally invasive dental procedure. A local anesthetic is used on the gum area that needs attention, and then a small pinhole will be made into this area that is to be treated.

A specialized instrument is then inserted into the pinhole in order to loosen up the gum tissues so that they’re able to go back into their original and normal position.


Comparing the conventional method of cutting and stitching to this new minimally invasive surgical technique is like comparing night and day. Instead of cutting away the gum line and stitching it back up, which can be very painful and take weeks and even months to completely heal, pinhole gum rejuvenation is a minimally invasive procedure that has a relatively fast recovery time.

Get all the benefits of pinhole therapy

Those who have never had a pinhole surgical technique performed before tend to have a few concerns about any receding gums procedure. That’s why it’s important for anyone looking for a receding gum treatment to understand that there are many benefits that come with choosing to have this particular procedure done.

The best benefit is that you’ll experience little or no pain. Other benefits include a shorter treatment time, a shorter recovery time, and less cost than the traditional method.

Can the pinhole surgical technique help you?

In order for us to determine if the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique is going to work for you, we invite you to contact us today so that we can determine the current state of your gums.

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