Random Acts of Kindness

We value


of our guests, and want to show our appreciation for them each and every day. We currently have a “Guest of the Day” program where one guest is honored through a random act of kindness. They receive a gift card as well as other tokens of appreciation for choosing All Smiles Dental Care, which will hopefully brighten their day and make their visit to the dental office a little more enjoyable. Below are some reactions from guests after receiving their guest of the day gift: 

To you and your Team:

Thanks Dr. Gary for all you do, and I hate to say it but I really enjoy my dental visits! You guys are super.


Dear friends, It was truly an honor to be the “Guest of the Day”.  I used the gift card to buy a coffee maker so with the mug, now I truly “Wake up to a beautiful smile”- isn’t that your slogan?! And a great cup of coffee! There is not a morning that goes by without thoughts that you all are a super group of people.  Thank you for making me feel so special!


Thank you for making me Guest of the Day.  All the goodies were wonderful! Even though going to the dentist is not an experience one would look forward to, you all make it a real joy!  I do always look forward to seeing my friends at All Smiles Dental Care.  While I know you have bills to pay and how much it costs to run a business, this a a wonderful ministry.  May God continue to bless you.


You all really surprised me with the Guest of the Day.  I had no idea what was going on!  Thank you for the honor and for the gift certificate.  I love to read.


Dr. Imm with one of our guests of the day
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A practicing dentist since 1982, Dr. Gary Imm, provides advanced cosmetic dentistry, including smile makeovers, sedation, implant and TMJ services. He is committed to progressive, extraordinary care for his guests. All Smiles Dental Care trains at least 300 hours each year at such prestigious centers as the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry. (LVI)