The resolution diet

Is your Instagram or Facebook feed filled with photos of green smoothies, brown rice, and treadmills this week? Is your gym’s parking lot full? Most of us, at one time or another, have resolved that after a season of overindulgence, once and for all on January 1st we will throw out the junk food, lose those extra pounds, and be bikini ready by summertime…only to find ourselves in the drive-through line two months later feeling disappointed ¬†in ourselves.

Don’t be hard on yourself though–you have not failed; you have just been unrealistic with yourself!

When you cut out whole groups of foods, and go from eating normally to restricting yourself to green juice and lean meats, you may end up overindulging later, or slowing your metabolism. You may successfully lose weight, but if the changes are not sustainable, you are bound to fall back to your default way of eating.

So how can you experience long-term success for a healthier you?

Unless you have extreme discipline (in that case- go you!), making smaller changes can end up accomplishing big things over the course of the year. Cut out soda for the year, replace your nightly ice cream with a fruit bowl, eat out less, or drink more water. Make changes you are able to live with for the whole year realistically. Don’t take the enjoyment out of eating, but do eat intuitively–when you are hungry, not tired or bored.

Remember– if you fall off the wagon and overindulge, don’t call that day off and continue to make poor choices. Resolve to do better the next meal.

We wish you a happy and healthy 2015!

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