Selfishness vs. Selflessness

During the season of giving, it is easy to become caught up in the act of finding the perfect gift, hosting the perfect party, or decorating the perfect home (Griswold family, anyone?!). This can all lead us to thinking more about ourselves, even during a time when we are “supposed” to be thinking of others. Scientists for years have said that we are hardwired to be selfish, as this is a survival mechanism. Recently scientists at the University of California have challenged this idea. Preliminary findings have shown that the act of caring for others (or self


ness) actually allows people to live longer. A long term study on older adults showed that those that cared for other family members or friends actually lived longer than those who kept to themselves.

So caring and compassion can actually benefit us as well as those around us. We challenge you to practice selflessness this holiday season (and every day) by finding little opportunities to bless other people–and in turn you may just feel better yourself!

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