Small steps to big change

It is always inspiring to watch someone accomplish truly great things. Each one of us has goals and dreams, some bigger than others, but often those goals can seem so big it is hard to imagine how to even begin taking them on. It is so much easier to keep on with our daily lives and habits, without so much as a second thought to what we would truly love to do, what we think we were made to do.

It is known sometimes as the “big bang misconception,” which is that pervasive idea that big changes and accomplishing goals happens

all at once

. This is one of the main reasons many people won’t take that next step in accomplishing their dreams. It just seems too overwhelming. Or perhaps we are waiting for that huge breakthrough to come.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), most of life’s great accomplishments simply come from taking that first step. Then the next step, and the next. There may be times of planning involved, but the true action is only occurring

one step at a time.

Through these small actions, we learn which strategies work, and which do not. We become inspired. There may be setbacks, both big and small, but all of these setbacks are preparing us for what is to come.

Think about your goals, especially those that seem insurmountable, and challenge yourself to take one step, small or big, toward making them happen this month.



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