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Is snoring taking a toll on your health or relationship?


Perhaps your snoring is causing sleepless nights for you or your partner? Snoring is caused by a number of problems and it affects people of all ages. The majority of snorers do not even realize the impact it has on their health, not to mention sending their significant other out of the bedroom as they tire of the freight train lullaby. Occasional snoring can be a nuisance, but a habitual snoring problem may very well be damaging to your health.

Snoring be caused by:

  • throat and tongue muscles that become so relaxed they sink back into your airway
  • an obstruction in your nasal passage
  • allergies
  • sinus infections
  • alcohol consumption
  • narrow nasal passages.

What’s really stealing your sleep?

If you notice that, during the day, you are feeling sluggish, or you do not feel well rested when you wake up, your snoring may be caused by sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a dangerous medical condition that occurs when the muscles in your throat relax too much. When this happens, your tongue falls backwards and your throat collapses blocking your airway. Besides the nuisance of disturbing your partner, you actually stop breathing many times during the night. Each time you stop breathing your brain wakes you up to start breathing again. This can go on so many times during the night, you never get into the deep R.E.M sleep that your body needs to replenish itself for the next day.

Sleep apnea can cause:

  • high blood pressure
  • heart problems
  • daytime fatigue
  • liver problems
  • morning headaches
  • weight gain
  • concentration and memory problems

Luckily, once correctly diagnosed, sleep apnea is treatable. On a more positive note there is a solution to ease the problem. Are you ready to stop snoring? Seeking treatment, or discussing your concerns with your Westminster dentist is a for sure way to put your mind at ease.

Find your stop snoring treatment

Sleep apnea is hard to diagnose because you aren’t awake when it turns up. Unless someone complains about your snoring or notices that you stop breathing during the night, you may not know that your sleep loss symptoms are caused by sleep apnea. A simple way to start understanding your sleep problem is to take my on-line sleep questionnaire. I’ll review your answers and provide you with a free, no-obligations diagnostic recommendation. Once you get to the root of your snoring, you’ll be on your way to finding an effective treatment.

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