Ho to get straighter teeth quickly

What’s the quickest way to get straighter teeth?

straighter teeth, baltimore, westminster mdIf you are in your 40’s or 50’s and you had bite correction as a young person, you can probably still remember the many challenges of traditional orthodontia. The uncomfortable metal braces, the painful adjustments, the lengthy correction period – all used to be par for the course to accomplish permanent bite correction. But today, there are quicker ways to get straighter teeth. Learn about these methods to find an approach that will work best for you.

Option 1: “Accelerated Orthodontics”

Accelerated orthodontics is the term being applied to newer, faster methods of correcting crooked teeth. These techniques, such as Six Months Smiles, can take a process which used to require years and reduce it to months. Many adults in particular are taking advantage of this new technology – perhaps they were not able to have orthodontic treatment as children, but as adults they still want a straighter smile.

Option 2: Invisalign

Invisalign is the brand name for a process that involves using tooth aligning trays rather than traditional braces to correct crooked teeth. These trays are changed out every two weeks to facilitate small corrections throughout the process. You will need to wear your aligners as much as possible day and night (except during meals) or the process will not work very well.

Option 3: Veneers

Yet another way to get straight teeth quickly is a treatment with porcelain veneers. This procedure works best when corrections needed are minor. The surface of your teeth will be lightly filed to make room for the ultra thin veneers. Once applied, your teeth will appear straight. Veneers can be pricey but are very quick if a misaligned bite is not an issue.

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With so many  methods to straighten teeth these days, it is now possible to achieve a beautiful smile without investing years before you can enjoy it! If you would like to learn more about these quick teeth straightening treatments, please ask.

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