Suffer from chronic headaches? We may have a solution!


Do you have reoccurring headaches with no known cause? Have you exhausted all of your treatment options? Have you resigned yourself to a life of stopping everything the minute a bad headache arises?

Many are unaware that TMJ (misalignment of your temporomandibular joint) can cause chronic headaches or migraines, facial pain, and irritation to your shoulders, neck, and back. All of the strain on your head, face, and neck from a misaligned joint that never truly relaxes could be the cause of your reoccurring pain.

If this sounds like you or someone you love, read on! We can help!

Our solution does not involve painkillers, which only mask the pain, or anti-inflammatory drugs. Dr. Imm is able to determine a correct course of treatment by looking at your jaw. Common TMJ treatments include:

  • muscle relaxation using the TENS machine
  • physical therapy
  • orthotics
  • orthodontics
  • teeth restoration
  • surgery (in very extreme cases)

Once your joint is in the correct position, chronic headaches will become a thing of the past.

If solving your chronic headaches sounds appealing to you, book an appointment today at 410-876-2096 !

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A practicing dentist since 1982, Dr. Gary Imm, provides advanced cosmetic dentistry, including smile makeovers, sedation, implant and TMJ services. He is committed to progressive, extraordinary care for his guests. All Smiles Dental Care trains at least 300 hours each year at such prestigious centers as the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry. (LVI)