The Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has been very popular in the past couple of years for its healthful qualities, especially when compared to coffee and black tea. Green tea contains antioxidants, has been linked to lower cancer risk, and boosts fat oxidation, which helps you lose weight. In addition, the tea provides several benefits for your oral health!

Green tea:

1. Inhibits the growth of bacteria in your mouth, which causes bad breath.

2. Kills oral cancer cells.

3. Acts as an anti-inflammatory, which can reduce swelling in the gums

4. Reduces the formation of dental plaque

The American Academy of Periodontology conducted studies on regular green tea drinkers, and found that they had superior periodontal health to those who did not regularly consume green tea. It seems that the health benefits of green tea are adding up, and adding a cup to your daily routine would be advantageous to more than just your mouth.

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