The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Relationship

Sleep loss can have a major impact

Sleep loss can have a major impact on our relationship with our significant others. It makes sense–lack of sleep can impact our mood, temper, stress level, and even our overall health. Psychologists have compiled a list of several researched and proven factors that play into the relationship between lack of sleep and stress in close relationships.

1. Lack of sleep impacts decision-making

Poor decision making can impact the everyday, such as deciding whether to go on a date versus stay home on the couch, as well as the long term–deciding whether to continue a relationship, take the next step, or have children. Whatever the decision is that you are making, you are better equipped to do so on a good night’s rest.

2. Well-rested people are more attractive

Studies show that when surveyed, people are more attracted to people who are well-rested. This could be for many reasons–perhaps they look happier, friendlier, or even just had more time to get ready! Whatever the reason, sleep deprivation can begin to impact your appearance.

3. Less sleep equals more conflict

When even just one partner is sleep-deprived, a relationship can experience more conflict, and more difficult conflict resolution. Sleep deprivation can raise your stress levels and also hampers your ability to think clearly and have a sense of humor about life’s daily mishaps. Humor requires higher cognitive thinking, and sleep hinders our ability to do that.

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