The Golden Proportion

We’ve all seen it–a coworker, friend, or acquaintance gets a new smile (or even some other type of cosmetic work) and while it looks attractive, it looks a little too


. We all want to look attractive, but no one wants to have an airbrushed, unnatural look that cause people to pay too much attention to their teeth (or nose, or forehead, etc). We want our look to appear effortless, and no one wants to make it obvious that they have had some cosmetic improvements.

In nature, there is an interesting phenomenon called the golden proportion (sometimes called the golden ratio). Without going into the mathematical details, there is a number called phi that relates to proportions and beauty both in the human face and in nature. Using this number, mathematicians and scientists have been able to map out the most visually appealing proportions for the face and smile. There is a certain rectangle using the front two teeth that is proven to be appealing to people, more so than any other arrangement of the teeth and lips.

Dr. Imm at All Smiles uses this golden proportion when designing smiles, so that not only does your smile match your face and appear natural, but it also allows your jaw to function the way it is supposed to. This will create a smile that is visually appealing, but does not announce to the world that you have had some “smile improvements.”

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