The Jelly Bean Conspiracy

File this under inspirational groups doing inspirational things. The Jelly Bean Show is a school theater production celebrating kindness and challenging viewers to more compassionate relationships. The actors are students from both regular and special education classrooms. The show tackles the issues of inclusion and diversity in a fun way that entertains and challenges the school and outside community.

The founder of the Jelly Bean Conspiracy, Howard Martin, states that the true message behind the show is that everyone’s life is important. Martin had three siblings with multiple disabilities, and founded the organization to celebrate them and their mother’s hard work to pass on the “jelly bean secret”–that everyone’s life is important.

Why jelly beans? Howard Martin looked at a jar of jelly beans and was inspired by the uniqueness of each bean, but the fact that in their uniqueness, not one bean was more important than another. Each contributed to the cheerfulness and sweetness that comprised the whole jar. In the same way, the Jelly Bean Conspiracy seeks to show communities that every person is unique and important to the community.

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