The Skinny on Sealants

Often, your dentist may recommend sealants as a preventative measure against plaque and cavities for your child, or even yourself. But are they worth the extra expense, appointment, or time in the dental chair??

Dental sealants are a liquid resin that is applied to the back teeth (molars and pre-molars) , which are the hardest to clean because of the shape of the tooth and their location. The resin creates a seal against harmful bacteria that could become lodged in the grooves and fissures of the tooth. This prevents cavity and decay.

The sealant procedure can be performed by your dentist during the time of a regular office visit. It is painless, and does not require any recovery time. The sealants are then checked at every office visit to see if there is a neat for reapplication. Since they are something that come in contact with food and bacteria every day, there is a possibility that they will need to be redone at some time. Sealants can last up to five years, but it depends on the types of bacteria in your mouth, as well as your oral hygiene and diet.

We generally think of sealants as a treatment for children, but they can also be performed on adults to prevent cavities and decay in those difficult-t0-reach areas. The ADA recommends sealants as a preventative measure against potential tooth problems. By taking measures to protect areas prone to cavities, you can save yourself time, money, and pain in the long run.

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