Top 3 Ways to Cut Costs on Dental Care


Let’s face it– healthcare is costly, and we are all looking for ways to save. Below are several ways to stretch your dollars when it comes to dental bills.

1. Dental Insurance

This is a given, but if you are one of those lucky enough to have good dental insurance, we are happy to do all we can in order to help you get your treatment covered.

2. Dental Protection Plan

All Smiles Care offers a plan for those who want to save money yearly on their dental care. We offer three tiers based on your dental needs. Check here for more detailed information.

3. “The cheapest cavity is the one you never get.” 

This quote by Dr. Matt Messina of the ADA (American Dental Association) is so true. Preventative dental care — twice a year (or as recommended by your dental health professional) hygiene visits, daily brushing and flossing, and general care for your dental health can go a long way in saving money and time in the dental chair.

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