Westminster dentist talks about sleep disorders

Another sleepless night?


If you can’t sleep there might be a reason why. If you can’t sleep and you spend half of your night tossing and turning it will cause you more problems than those pesky dark circles under the eyes. Did you know that sleep deprivation has been linked to a long list of growing medical conditions.

What happens when you hit the sack?

When you go to bed at night think about what’s going on. Does the person who lies next to you complain that you snore or that you have a snoring problem. Did you know that excessive snoring can also be linked to certain medial conditions? Did you know that the longer your snoring problems carry on, the more likely your medical conditions will get worse?

How much sleep do you need for good health?

Adults need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. For kids it’s a bit more. Too much sleep, just like too little sleep, can also cause certain illnesses to develop. Let’s look at some of the medical conditions that sleep apnea can cause.

Medical issues linked to sleep deprivation

  • Heart disease: Sleep apnea causes you to stop breathing dozens of times a night. And the longer you let this go the more you stand to be at risk. If you are choking or gasping for air this can be a major sign of any type of sleeping problems. Why wait! Don’t let your sleep problems allow you to not seek help and thereby increase your chances of heart disease.
  • High blood pressure: As you sleep at night, your body rests tand your blood pressure drops, so that it can repair and restore your internal systems. If you are suffering from sleep problems your blood pressure can not perform the job it needs to. Therefore, your body will not restore itself the way it is supposed to.
  • Depression and obesity: Clinical depression and obesity are both linked to sleep deprivation. Obesity in American currently affects about 65 percent of the population, if not more. While depression affects about 20 million Americans.

Solve your sleep problems

If you think you are suffering from sleep apnea in Baltimore, the good news is … it’s treatable. To find out more about breathing related sleep disorders, download my free e-book. Knowledge is power. Once you are aware of the causes and treatments for sleep apnea and snoring, you’ll be able to decide the best route to tackle your sleep problems.

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