What is the difference between professional and at-home whitening kits?

Professional or at-home teeth whitening kits?

Whitening strips and kits from the drugstore are cheaper and easier than making an appointment with your dentist. The at-home kits can give you whiter teeth, but there are several differences to consider.

  • Professional whitening contains ingredients to help the whitening process to feel more comfortable for those with sensitive teeth.
  • The results of at-home kits tend to last a shorter amount of time, so while the cost up front may be less, the price over time may not save as much money.
  • Professional whitening involves a trained professional fitting your mouth with a custom-made tray so the whitening results are even throughout your mouth.
  • Professional whitening treatments can show results quicker and with fewer treatments than at home kits.

Whitening treatments can be a great way to feel better about your smile and reverse the effects of staining due to beverages, food, or just aging.

Please visit us for a free consultation if you think a professional whitening treatment can make you feel the best about your smile!

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