White teeth in Baltimore

Do your teeth make you look older than you feel?

Does the yellowing of your teeth stop you from smiling? Yellowing teeth can occur for many reasons. As we age our teeth stain more easily because our tooth enamel begins to degrade.

teeth-whitening-01There are many things you can do for whiter teeth. Daily oral hygiene and caring for your teeth is an important aspect of white teeth, but some of us need a little extra help. Whether your teeth are less than brilliant due to habits like drinking coffee or smoking, genetics (we all like to blame our parents – in this case we actually can!), medications, disease, or just plain getting older, teeth whitening can give your Baltimore smile the boost you’re looking for.

Shades of grey

If you’ve decided to go for a whiter smile, you are faced with many choices. All have their ups and downs regarding, speed, cost and safety.

Oral hygiene:

It helps to cultivate healthy habits to keep your teeth white such as:

  • Brush and floss daily
  • Stop smoking
  • Rinse after drinking beverages like wine or coffee

Folk remedies:

There also several home remedies for white teeth. Some people say strawberries can help keep your teeth white. If you crush a bit of strawberry into some baking soda, you get a substance called malic acid, which can help whiten your teeth. Results are not very effective with folk remedies, and, if you choose to try this particular one, take care- malic acid can weaken your tooth enamel if it’s used often.

Off-the-shelf whiteners:

There are many drugstore products that can help whiten your teeth. You can choose from rinses, toothpastes, gel strips and whitening trays. At home whiteners can be very effective for people who have healthy gums and teeth. The drawback is time. It takes quite a bit longer to get effective results with over the counter teeth whiteners.

In-office whitening:

Professional teeth whitening procedures are safe and effective, painless, inexpensive and quick. Because your in-office teeth whitening is supervised by a Baltimore dentist, the bleaching solution is stronger, making in-office whitening the fastest way to get white teeth. The trays your dentist uses are custom made, making the procedure more comfortable that at-home kits. If you have any type of dental issues, such as sensitive teeth or any gum problems, you’ll want to consult your Baltimore dentist before you try any of the remedies listed here..

Find your optimal white

Whiter teeth can help you feel better about yourself. If you’d like to find out more about how to get whiter teeth, or improve your smile, with a Baltimore dentist, fill out our online smile questionnaire to find out if professional teeth whitening is the best tactic for you.

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