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Trust Your Smile to a Solutions Dentist!

“So, a dentist in Westminster MD can help me with my Looks, Health, Sleep and Pain? … Really?”

images-homepage-1Chances are… when you think about a dentist, you think about clean teeth. You think regular cleanings and fluoride treatments. You think toothaches and root canals and oral hygiene. And, you would be correct. Your dentist plays a vital role in all those important areas of your dental care. But… what if we told you that

A Solutions Dentist can:

  • play a role that’s much more connected to your overall well-being
  • alleviate symptoms that will lead to living a pain-free life
  • help you eliminate sleeping problems
  • improve your overall health and wellness
  • rejuvenate your looks and increase your self-esteem




Helping numerous clients over the years to live their best lives, Dr. Gary Imm (General, Cosmetic, Neuromuscular (TMJ) and Sleep Disorder Dentist in Baltimore / Westminster MD) not only listens to your problems, accurately assesses the situation and offers treatment options, but he will present you with DENTAL SOLUTIONS.

Dental Solutions that get to the root of the problem. Dental Solutions that address the underlying issue. Dental Solutions that address problems you didn’t even know where dental related.

Solutions for a Better You

It could be you have experienced tingling and numbness in your fingers and arms, chronic back pain and additionally suffered for years from debilitating headaches. Chances are, Dr. Imm has a solution to correct your bite and reduce or even eliminate your (TMJ) pain.

images-homepage-2Maybe you have snored for so long you have just come to the realization that it’s your way of life. A life that leaves you constantly exhausted and weary. Dr. Imm’s experience with sleeping disorders and sleep apnea can provide you with a solution to get rid of your snoring and revive your energy and zest for life.

Your partner has gently told you that you have perpetual bad breath and nothing you have done has even improved the smell. In addition, you have felt sluggish and out of breath for quite some time now. Dr. Imm will immediately recognize that the two symptoms are quite possibly related and can offer your solutions to improve your breath, not to mention your health.

You avoid getting your picture taken and when friends relate a funny story, you self-consciously cover your mouth in shame. You have wanted to improve your smile for years now but you never knew where to turn and where to start. Not only will Dr. Imm be able to explain the solutions available to improve your smile, you will experience the added benefit of a boost in your confidence, your career and even your love life.


So, the answer is: Yes, a Solutions Dentist can help you with… more.

Dr. Gary Imm, solutions dentist, can help you with sleep, pain, health and your looks. And the best part? All services under one roof! A dentist that does more than just make you look good; he also makes you feel good. A dentist that really listens, offers answers and provides options. Trust your smile to a solutions dentist! Contact Dr. Gary Imm today.