Tackling chronic pain

Suffering from chronic pain? Find out how to get an accurate TMJ diagnosis

If you have chronic pain including headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain or other symptoms, you may have heard that TMJ disorder can be the cause.

A good first step in finding relief from chronic or un-diagnosed pain is to determine if you have TMJ disorder. That calls for a precise and accurate diagnosis. Carroll County dentist Dr Gary Imm uses Tekscan’s T-scan device to measure your bite force and determine if TMJ disorder is at the root of your pain and determine the right course of TMJ treatment.

What is T-scan?

The Tekscan device called T-scan is a handheld device that uses advanced technology to measure the amount of force applied when you bite down. The test is simple for you to take at the dentist’s office, but it provides a host of information that the dentist can use to help determine a course of treatment for your pain and other symptoms.

Why TMJ diagnosis can be difficult without proper diagnostic equipment

TMJ often causes symptoms that don’t seem related to the jaws at all, like pain in the back, ringing in the ears or headaches that sometimes get mistaken for migraines. The reason for these odd symptoms is because sensation in the head and face is supplied by one of the most complex and busy systems of nerves in the human body. Signals can sometimes get misdirected, resulting in pain far from the jaws even when the jaws may be its source.

Dental treatment is often best for TMJ

Doctors often miss TMJ diagnosis when patients present with headaches. Dentists are often more in tune with the workings of the teeth and the jaws and how head pain can result from misalignment of the teeth or a jaw imbalance.

Dental treatment for TMJ ranges from removable dental appliances for jaw alignment to permanent changes to the bite with orthodontics or restorative dentistry. Eliminating the cause of TMJ pain is much more effective at eliminating pain than temporarily relieving pain with doctor-prescribed medications.

Find out more

If you have symptoms of TMJ like headaches, chronic pain in your face, shoulders, neck or back, or other symptoms like ear ringing or floaters in your field of vision, please contact us to set up a TMJ consultation and exam.

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