Holistic Dentistry


Many people are more aware–and rightfully so– about what they are putting in their bodies. Natural and holistic remedies are becoming more commonplace and accepted throughout healthcare. At All Smiles Care, we are constantly updating our knowledge and technology to keep up with developments in health care. Dr. Imm has recently taken many courses in order to provide holistic dentistry. 

Holistic dentistry involves using as many natural materials as possible to minimally affect the rest of the body. There is an emphasis on using natural materials in filling cavities (and think about it– those materials are sitting in your mouth for an undetermined amount of time!) , instead of metals, which are known to affect your immune system. Composite resin is the material of choice due to its nontoxic nature as well as its ability to last over time. Less radiation is also considered a priority, accomplished through the use of digital x-rays.

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