Dentures vs. Dental Implants in Westminster: What’s the Right Choice for You?

Losing teeth is tough to deal with, but there are solutions.

Whether you’re worried about your appearance, your ability to eat, or the health of your mouth, we can help.

Tooth loss can occur due to various circumstances. You may have had trauma that caused the loss of teeth, or you may have had mouth health issues like periodontal disease or tooth decay.

Whatever the cause, losing teeth can severely affect your quality of life. You can lose self-confidence, have trouble eating and talking, and deal with other issues.

Not to worry. When you lose teeth, you have a few options for replacements. This hasn’t always been the case, but new advancements in dentistry have paved the way for dental implants in Westminster along with dentures.

4 Major Differences Between Implants vs. Dentures in Westminster

You may already be familiar with how dentures work. They have been the only option for replacement teeth for quite some time.

1. Dentures Are Removable

Dentures are removable and are used to replace all the teeth in an arch. The base is made of an acrylic that is molded to fit the exact shape of your gums.

Although there are lots of fixatives on the market that attempt to improve adherence, the suction created between the denture base and your gums is largely what keeps the top piece in place. The bottom dentures, meanwhile, mainly rely on gravity and your mouth muscles.

If this doesn’t sound ideal, you’re right – it isn’t.

2. Dentures Are Common, But Not Ideal

Though dentures are the most common form of teeth replacement, they are not nearly as effective as your natural teeth for biting and chewing. According to the Huffington Post, dentures only have about 50 pounds of force behind them, while your natural teeth come in at a whopping 200-250 pounds of force behind every bite.

Plus, when all your teeth are gone, your jaw bone starts to deteriorate. Bone loss is a concern for anyone wearing a full set of dentures.

In short, dentures are no replacement for natural teeth. However, as opposed to not having teeth, they’re a viable option that can improve your quality of life.

In the face of all this information, though, there’s a better alternative.

3. Dental Implants in Westminster Are a New, Improved Solution for Tooth Loss

While you’ve probably heard of dentures, you may never have heard of dental implants.

Implants differ from dentures in key ways. First, they’re not removable. They become a permanent part of your mouth and jaw. Second, they help prevent bone loss and can help you speak and eat better than dentures.

Think of them as replacement tooth roots. They are implanted beneath your gum line, in your jawbone, and serve as the structural base on which artificial teeth are mounted.

4. There Are More Benefits for Implants vs. Dentures in Westminster

There are lots of benefits of implants over dentures. Here are the top ones you should consider.

  • Long-lasting, sometimes lifelong, results – As opposed to dentures, implants can last a lifetime with the correct care.
  • Improved performance over dentures – Implants can restore functionality to your mouth and teeth for talking, chewing, and biting. None of the problems of ill-fitting dentures apply, such as slipping and wiggling. You’ll be able to speak and eat better than you would with dentures due to improved stability.
  • More natural appearance – Dental implants mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth, so nobody will be able to tell the difference. Dentures, however, often give themselves away because of problems with fit.
  • Better overall oral health – As previously mentioned, implants prevent bone loss in your jaw. Plus, the procedure for getting them leaves remaining natural teeth intact, which is better for your mouth.

A Westminster Dental Implants Dentist Can Give You Your Best Smile

If you suffer from tooth loss, you have options to improve your quality of life.

Along with dentures, you also have the choice to get dental implants in Westminster from our team.

The right decision for you will depend on lots of factors, including financial considerations. You may even be hesitant because of trepidations about the implant procedure. You can mitigate your worries by asking the right questions at your next appointment.

Important Questions to Ask at Your Next Appointment or Consultation

If you’re unsure about implants or wondering about the cost, ask some good questions during your next appointment:

  • Am I a candidate for dental implants? – You need healthy gums to be a candidate, but every case is different.
  • Will insurance cover the cost? – Depending on your medical plan, the cost of the procedure may be covered in part or in whole.
  • What happens during the implant procedure? – If you’re worried about the procedure, we can explain it to you in detail and allay your fears.

If you’re thinking about implants or dentures, you should talk to an expert. At All Smiles Care, I’m a Westminster dental implants dentist who can help you make this big decision and get you on the road to better mouth health.

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