Dentures vs. Dental Implants in Westminster: What’s the Right Choice for You?

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Losing teeth is tough to deal with, but there are solutions. Whether you’re worried about your appearance, your ability to eat, or the health of your mouth, we can help. Tooth loss can occur due to various circumstances. You may have had trauma that caused the loss of teeth, or you may have had mouth health issues like periodontal disease …


Dental Insurance in Westminster: Why you should make it an investment

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Do you really need dental insurance? Westminster dentists, including myself, think dental coverage is a crucial investment in a person’s health. Some, though, would argue against that point. They feel that dental insurance is just a way to throw money away. Those who live paycheck to paycheck do all they can to avoid unnecessary expenses. But we can guarantee you …


Everything You Really Need to Know About Invisalign in Westminster

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Ask anyone about their teeth and you will likely hear that they wish they were whiter and straighter. With so many people desiring straighter teeth, though, why aren’t more of them investing in braces? This really isn’t a difficult question to answer. Really, not everyone wants traditional braces. They draw attention to the mouth, they look bulky, and they’re simply …


What You Need to Know About Implants & Dental Crowns in Westminster

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Crowns and dental implants are two of the most amazing feats of dentistry. They’ve come a long way, starting out as primitive dental restorations and becoming some of the most beautiful, functional, and artistic pieces in dentistry. And patient education and expectation has come a long way as well. The more patients know about these crowns and implants, they more …


Signs You Might be Headed for a Dental Emergency

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How to Spot Future Dental Problems Your adult teeth are the only teeth you’ll have for the rest of your life. You will use these teeth for many decades, and for this reason, it’s important to take great care of them. When you look after your teeth, you’re not only ensuring that you have a healthy set of teeth that …


Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Dentistry: The Dangers of 3D Printing Your Own Braces

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Today almost every task has an easy, cheap, and seemingly convenient do-it-yourself (DIY) solution, and apparently, there are many that believe that this mindset can be applied to dental care. Some individuals are turning to 3D printing for their orthodontic needs—often to less-than-perfect results. People turn to DIY dentistry for a number of reasons. Perhaps they are of afraid of …


5 Common Oral Health Problems and How Your Westminster Family Dentist Treats Them

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No one likes to deal with oral health issues, even if they are considered “common.” At All Smiles Care, your Westminster family dentist office, we understand how you feel. We don’t like dental problems either and we are passionate about helping our patients successfully deal with them. One way to do this is to provide our patients with top-notch education. …


Mercury Fillings Removal: 30 Health Conditions Contributed to Mercury Dental Fillings

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Amalgam fillings, the silver fillings that contain mercury, have been a controversial subject for quite some time now. We all know that high levels of mercury can damage our health, but for years it seemed that people didn’t think amalgam fillings posed any threat. That outlook is slowly but surely changing. These fillings have been attributed to serious health conditions, …

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Westminster Smile Makeover: Fixing More than Your Smile

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You may have noticed actors, actresses, models, or anyone else in the public eye choosing to forego their natural dentition for a fabulous Hollywood smile. Over the years, more people have been opting to fix their dental esthetic flaws with a smile makeover. Westminster patients are no different. But what if you’re happy with the esthetics of your teeth? Does …