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The term TMJ is tossed around and often misunderstood. It is also associated with a host of health problems. …so what is TMJ, and what does it have to do with dentistry? TMJ refers to the Temporo mandibular joint, and you have two of them, one on each side of your mouth. TMJ is actually...
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Dentists all over the country receive requests for smile makeovers to mirror celebrities such as Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, and Tom Cruise (Halle is the most requested, in case you were wondering). Many high profile celebrities have mega-watt smiles, but often have had major smile overhauls to achieve these results. We’re going to take a...
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One of the greatest aspects of All Smiles Dental Care is our focus on teamwork and the close-knit group of staff that we have. An article by Jackie L. Sanders really summed up many of the ways that we foster an environment of teamwork and shared vision. Below are some of the ways Dr. Imm...
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As a follow-up to our sleep article, we thought we would delve a little deeper into the growing problem of sleep apnea. Some of you may be asking: what does sleep apnea have to do with dentistry? The American Academy of Sleep Medicine now recommends that a dental device be used for those with mild-moderate...
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Bad breath is one of those problems that is downright embarrassing. We try to mask it with mint, gum, or social distancing–but with raised awareness of the causes and a few simple remedies, you can banish bad breath from your mouth. Causes There are a number of possible causes for bad breath. Possibilities include: Stress...
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It is common knowledge that good dental hygiene includes brushing after every meal, but the importance of cleaning in between your teeth is often underplayed. If pressed for time, people often skip out on daily flossing, even when maintaining good brushing habits. Unfortunately, brushing does not remove bacteria from in between the teeth, and this...
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Recent studies have shown that self -examination for signs of oral cancer can improve early detection of the disease. Self-examination does not take the place of regular dental care, and should be done under the supervision of your dental hygienist. Here is a step-by-step guide to a self -examination for oral cancer: Step 1: Establish...
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In celebration of dental health months, we want to outline the facts about oral cancer, and the new research on the importance of patient self examination in early detection.
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Dr Imm and his daughter Amanda are heading out on a mission tour of Vietnam for 11 days. They are helping Operation Smile as volunteers. Dr Imm will be the leader of one of the dental vans heading out into rural Northern Vietnam to treat a goal of 1500 children during the time he is...
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For years bleaching has been a popular option for people looking for a brighter, more appealing smile.  At times, the results could be beautiful!  Despite all of people success with bleaching, there remain many that are unsatisfied with the results.  Perhaps you or a family member has tried to bleach with only marginal success.  Perhaps...
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