The Many Paths To A Brand New Smile: Dental Overlays And Veneers

Dental veneers and overlays are not quite the same, but they can both have amazing results.

Whether your teeth are chipped, yellow, slightly crooked, or just a bit stained, it’s never too late to start dreaming of a picture perfect smile. Modern dentistry offers many different methods to recover your flawless pearly whites – but which one is the best one for you? If you’re having trouble deciding between crowns, dental overlays, or dental veneers in Westminster, MD, then we are here to help.


Dental Veneers Versus Overlays: What Are They Exactly?

As similar as their results may seem on the “after” pictures, dental veneers and overlays are actually quite different procedures.

Dental veneers in Westminster, MD consist of little, custom-made porcelain shells that are attached to your teeth in order to hide imperfections. On the other hand, dental overlays involve a more complex procedure that falls midway between a dental filling and a full crown. Carroll County dental overlays require filling all the cracks and spaced formed on the biting surface of the tooth and around it.

These procedures also have different life spans: while veneers may need to be replaced after 20 or 30 years, overlays sometimes last only 10.

Despite these differences, both overlays and veneers are commonly done using the same material, and are capable of providing very precise and natural-looking results: straight, regular, white teeth ready for selfies or job interviews.


Cavities, Cracks, And Extensive Damage: Consider an Overlay

If you are looking to revamp the smile with which you greet the world, then a dentist must determine the exact strategy to follow after a thorough consultation. As a general rule, Carroll County dental overlays are performed in people with more extensive damage, especially if cavities are involved.

If your teeth have cracked edges or if they have been eroded by bruxism, then overlays are most likely your best option. This is because veneers often require the tooth to be thinned out under the porcelain shells, which can be problematic on those with already damaged teeth.


Stained And Tilted Teeth? A Discreet Veneer May Be Right For You

While not all teeth are suitable for dental veneers in Westminster, MD, this procedure is often seen as the best one for those who wish to improve their teeth coloring or evenness. Porcelain veneers can achieve that straight, symmetrical smile that years of braces often can’t. In addition, veneers are also recommended for those who also have one or two damaged teeth, as their color tends to be easier to handle.

Whether you need dental veneers, overlays, a combination of both, or something different entirely will depend on your current oral health. The final choice is best determined with the assistance of a professional. Book an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to help you design a customized solution.

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