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What does your dream smile look like? Have you ever wished for your teeth looked more attractive? Dreams smiles can become a reality!

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Dr. Imm and his exceptional staff represent the best cosmetic dentists in Westminster, MD. From their personal touch to the professional results, you will be thrilled with All Smiles!

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A great smile projects confidence, openness and attractiveness. If you frequently hide your smile, you aren’t representing the person you know is hidden inside.

Thanks to great improvements in cosmetic dentistry, you can considerably improve your smile with fast, painless and affordable treatments. Your smile might require extensive treatment or you might only need a slight touch-up. Regardless of your needs, Baltimore/Westminster Dentist Dr. Gary Imm and his team offer cosmetic dental treatments that span from teeth whitening, to veneers, from fixing broken and missing teeth to adult braces.

The one guarantee? You will leave his office happy and confident that you have your best smile – ever!

Smile rejuvenation is the process of combining multiple procedures to correct oral health problems and give you a beautiful smile. A smile rejuvenation starts with an exam and consultation during which you and the dentist will discuss your goals for your smile. The exam will determine what problems need to be addressed, and then together, you and the dentist will make a plan to begin step-by-step treatment towards your final health and beautiful smile.

Dental implants are a popular solution for missing teeth, closest in appearance and functionality to the real thing. A dental implant procedure involves having a hole drilled into the jaw bone at the site of a missing tooth. A titanium post is then inserted into the bone.


Lumineers and veneers are ultra thin porcelain shells that fit over your teeth to correct both aesthetic and oral health problems you may have with your teeth.

When you think of the word “dentures,” what comes to mind? Clunky fake teeth in a jar of water beside your bed, right? These may still work in movie scenes, but they are a far cry from the sleek, streamlined dental miracles that are today’s modern dentures.

All it takes to see the difference is to schedule a visit with Dr. Gary Imm. In 15 minutes or less you can find out just how far dentistry has come.

A crown is a great solution for someone with significant damage to their teeth, whether from decay, the result of a fracture or from a previously failed restoration.

A crown is a porcelain sheath that covers your existing tooth, reinstating it’s original size and shape while strengthening and protecting your tooth.

Missing teeth can cause numerous issues, including social problems and chewing difficulties. Fortunately, unsightly gaps can be filled by dental bridges. As the name suggests, a bridge essentially covers gaps between teeth.

When Westminster dentist Dr. Gray Imm installs a dental bridge, he anchors each side to your natural teeth or implants to fill the gap with a replacement tooth.

Bridges represent a modern dental engineering solution to the problem of missing teeth faced by patients everywhere.


If you require repairs to your teeth but have concerns about mercury amalgam fillings, inlays and outlays may be the answer you are looking for.

Dental inlays and dental onlays are a natural looking alternative to fillings. They are beautiful and durable and they are formed to fit and fill most types of cavities.

They are almost impossible to distinguish from your natural teeth – only your dentist will know for sure.

We all notice people who have a brilliant white smile – it’s simply more attractive. With teeth whitening from Dr. Gary Imm’s All Smiles Care team in Westminster, you can get the brighter smile you have always dreamed of.

When it comes to improving the overall appearance of your smile, the most popular and prevalent cosmetic dentistry procedure – by far and away – is teeth whitening. The procedure is safe, fast, effective and affordable, allowing thousands of clients an instant boost in their appearance and their self-confidence.

Though there is a great variety of cosmetic dental procedures that can help improve your health and your smile, Dr. Gary Imm still provides plain old dental fillings for his patients. The good news is dental fillings no longer have to be made out of metal or amalgam. Now you have the choice of composite, or porcelain fillings.

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  • My teeth were always crooked on top. It bothered me immensely and I never really smiled. I would purse my lips so people couldn’t see my teeth. I was self-conscious and I never outgrew that, even as an adult.

    Cosmetic Patient
  • Dr. Imm’s office is wonderful and Dr. Imm is just a great person. I knew his reputation and that he is experienced and up-to-date on dental techniques. He makes you feel at home and takes a special interest in you and your needs. The whole staff is very personal, they remember the little things about you that make you feel comfortable. I am so happy with the results and the experience – I’d do it all again.

    Cosmetic Patient

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