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I look fantastic… if I don’t open my mouth

smile-makeover-westminster-carroll-county-mdYou know you have that big presentation today so you take your time getting everything in order. Your outfit is perfect. Not a hair is out of place. Your shoes have been polished to a shine. You admire yourself approvingly and think “I look good . . . I really do.”

Then reality hits. You smile at yourself in the mirror and your reflection reveals the truth. Suddenly you dread the upcoming day in Garrison. Your anxiety takes over and you are reduced to a blob of insecurity. It’s official – you need a new smile!


What impression do you want to make?

The old adage “you only have one chance to make a first impression” isn’t an old adage for no reason. When you meet someone for the first time, you have seconds to make a first impression. Your smile might be the one thing that sets you apart.

A great smile projects confidence, openness and attractiveness. If you frequently hide your smile, you aren’t representing the person you know is hidden inside.

Thanks to great improvements in cosmetic dentistry, you can considerably improve your smile with fast, painless and affordable treatments. Your smile might require extensive treatment or you might only need a slight touch-up. Regardless of your needs, Baltimore/Westminster Dentist Dr. Gary Imm and his team offer dental treatments that span from teeth whitening, to veneers, from fixing broken and missing teeth to adult braces.

The one guarantee? You will leave his office happy and confident that you have your best smile – ever!

With cosmetic treatments, we can:

  • Alter the shape, size and alignment of your teeth
  • Brighten the existing color of your teeth
  • Correct spacing in between your teeth
  • Correct your bite and jaw alignment
  • Fix previous dental treatments
  • Repair broken, chipped or cracked teeth

Are you ready for a smile makeover?

People with beautiful smiles get noticed! It’s just the way it goes. They look great in photos. They have more confidence. They are luckier in love. They have successful careers. Contact us for a smile makeover consultation and start exhibiting on the outside, what you feel on the inside!


Don’t let time be your enemy – conquer it!

looking younger baltimore westminster

Whether it’s fair or not, it is true; as we age, our bodies begin to break down. Your teeth are no exception. Over time, your Westminster smile changes. These changes start taking their toll on your face and ultimately, your looks.

Your teeth are your mouth’s the structural support, and they have a large impact on the lower part of your face. Wear and tear on your teeth is one of the most visible signs of aging. When your lower face loses its structural support, it begins to look “squashed” because the space between your upper and lower jaw is smaller and your chin moves closer to your nose.

Worn teeth can also …


  • Change the shape of your lips
  • Lead to the development of jowls on the side of your lower jaw
  • Create a deep crease between your chin and lower lip


Restore your smile and improve your health

Luckily you can say “NO” to the signs of aging with cosmetic dentistry. A Smile Rejuvenation can stop the wear and tear on your smile and repair and rejuvenate your smile. While it restores your face’s natural beauty, a Smile Rejuvenation can also improve your health.


  • First we’ll establishing the cause of your smile problem
  • Next we’ll scan your jaw joints and muscles to find your optimum bite
  • If necessary, we’ll creating a resin orthotic to refine your bite
  • By using dental veneers we can fix gaps in your teeth to restore your bite and smile

A Smile Rejuvenation can give you a beautiful smile, teeth that function properly and restore a more youthful appearance to your face.

You deserve to have a healthy, beautifully proportioned smile!

We know you can’t really beat time, but that’s no reason to live with the impacts of aging teeth. Modern cosmetic dentistry has a wealth of tools, techniques and materials that can restore the look of your smile, teeth and face.

It can also help you maintain your oral and overall health. The solution to aging teeth is closer than you think! What could your smile look like? Find out!

To see what your Smile Rejuvenation might look like, schedule a Smile Rejuvenation consultation.


 Want to improve your relationships? Improve your smile!

In today’s world there are many people who are unhappy with some aspect of their life. Think about yours. You can probably make a list a mile long with the things you’d like to change. If your teeth are near the top of that list, cosmetic dentist Dr. Gary Imm can help you shorten it.

Some people are born with unattractive teeth. The lucky ones were able to correct problems such as crooked teeth when they were young.  Others weren’t so lucky. There are also many people who were born with a beautiful smile, but now have teeth that have aged or worn due to time or teeth grinding, or are damaged, stained or decayed due to injury, irregular oral care or unhealthy habits.

Over time, their smile beautiful smile has become unattractive. Regardless of how or when it happened, at some point people notice their unattractive smile is negatively affecting their life.

You may have seen these people at the grocery store, the bank, in your office and maybe in your own home. They are the ones that avoid showing their teeth and almost always refuse to smile. Are you one of these people?

What attracts us?

improved love life baltimore westminsterA wonderful smile makes a great first impression. Why? We’re programmed to respond to beauty. Called the golden proportion or golden ratio, it’s all about symmetry. Symmetry is how we judge beauty, and beauty evokes an instinctive attraction because beauty represents good genes and good health.

Modern research shows that symmetrical facial features are considered more beautiful than those faces that are not symmetrical. The more proportionate your teeth, mouth, lips and your smile – the more beautiful they are considered. If you want to improve the symmetry, Dr. Imm can help you with cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Mix science and art with cosmetic dentistry

Dr. Imm, a cosmetic dentist in Westminster uses many different procedures to improve your smile, treat TMJ migraine headaches and increase your overall confidence and oral health.  If you’ve been unhappy with your smile for years and you don’t know what to do, Dr. Gary Imm may be the perfect solution.

Give us a call and find out how your smile can be perfected … and your love life improved!


A healthy, professional appearance can help you jump-start your career

Getting your career going the way you want it to – the right job, the right pay – isn’t always easy.

Everyone knows your chances of landing a good job increase if you present yourself as a professional.  Everyone instinctively heads to the mall for the latest business fashions, and the salon for a fresh, professional haircut, but how many consider the appearance of their smile.


What’s your “edge”?

Studies show that people with healthy, bright, white smiles make more money. Fair? Maybe not. True? Absolutely. Why? A healthy smile implies competency and energy, and a person who smiles frequently and easily conveys a sense of confidence that employers are looking for.

In this “dog-eat-dog-world” we could all use an edge. Something to stand out from the crowd. Something that gets us noticed. Your smile says a lot about who you are. It shows how you take care of yourself and this translates into the amount of care and detail you put into other things. Managers and bosses take note of these things. You get noticed and you get taken seriously.

Improve your confidence with a great smile

Your smile can bolster your self-esteem and you will start to present yourself with flair, with conviction and with poise. You volunteer for new projects, you tackle new challenges and most importantly, you represent your company in the best possible light. These are all attributes that management love and all characteristics management reward!

Don’t just give your smile a boost, give your career a boost! Get the smile that gives you confidence and the smile that gets you noticed. Let us help you create the smile that will help you on your way to success.

Lower your handicap

What can cosmetic dentistry at Westminster’s All Smiles Care do for you? Whether you want to whiten your smile, straighten your teeth or repair cracks or gaps, Dr. Gary Imm has a treatment for you.

Would you like to find out more? Schedule a smile makeover consultation. 


“Hmmm – looks like someone had their teeth done!”

Cosmetic dentistry baltimore westminster

This is not a sentence you want to hear, especially when it’s about you. When you’re considering cosmetic dentistry, you want to be assured that the end result looks natural, organic. You want to look like you – only better! A stunning smile can be what sets you apart from others. It radiates confidence and openness, but it can never look faked or phony.

All of us respond to beauty. We’re attracted to it. Even a baby recognizes beauty when he or she sees it. There are four basic elements to beauty:

  • clarity
  • symmetry
  • harmony
  • and vivid color

How much time does it take to look at a face and rate its beauty? 150 milliseconds. That’s it! The next time you see someone you consider beautiful, try to measure these four elements in their face. Even if you spent all day looking at the same face, in the end you would give it the same rating.

The nine principles of smile design

Smile design baltimore westminster

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a beautiful smile is priceless.  When Westminster dentist Dr. Gary Imm designs the most aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional smile, he follows the nine main Principles of Smile Design taking into account your unique facial features. For example, he can use characteristics such as tooth shape to compliment or enhance the shape of your face.

Symmetry is the defining feature of a beautiful smile. By ensuring symmetry of the two front teeth as well as neighbouring teeth, the appearance of symmetry will affect the entire smile.

Horizontal Alignment
Smile lines that are parallel to the horizontal axis of your face are widely considered most attractive.

Smile Line
One of the most important characteristics of a great smile, a smile line is created by drawing an imaginary line from the biting edges of the back teeth around to the front teeth. A curved smile line makes you appear significantly younger.

Gum Line
The most aesthetic smiles have symmetrical gum lines that follow the upper lip.

Smile Width
In the ideal smile, the teeth towards the back of the mouth can be seen in progression. If the smile is narrow, the back teeth are often in shadow causing the sides of the smile to appear dark.

Embrasures are the natural, slight triangular spaces between the tips of your teeth. The most natural, youthful looking smile has small embrasure spaces at the front which gradually get larger towards the back teeth.

Tooth Proportion
When creating the ideal smile, the size of each tooth is governed by an ideal proportion. Usually, for example, the ideal width to height ratio of the two front teeth is 0.7:1.

Tooth Shade
It is possible to change the shade of your teeth while designing your new smile. Dr. Imm has a variety of colour and translucency options to choose from in order to give you a smile so natural, it looks like one you were born with it.

Find your true beauty

In today’s society, we have been programmed to respond to specific definitions of beauty. Fashion, hairstyles and makeup all highlight what we find beautiful, but it is different from true beauty itself. True beauty is art. It doesn’t need fashion – it can be found in what we already have. It’s in our eyes, skin, hair, lips and teeth. These are the windows. To find your true beauty, focus on these because everything else is just window dressing.




Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a cosmetic dental procedure that typically involves multiple reconstructive procedures to restore and enhance the appearance of a patient’s teeth and mouth.

How Much Does A Smile Makeover Cost?

The cost of a smile makeover can vary as every patient’s goals are different. All Smiles Care accepts insurance and credit cards. We also offer financing options to those who qualify as a payment option. Call (410) 876-2096 today to schedule a smile makeover consultation to learn more.

Can Any Smile Be Fixed?

All Smiles Care offers a variety of cosmetic dental techniques to help you achieve your smile goals and boost your confidence. Schedule an appointment online or call (410) 876-2096 today to schedule a smile makeover consultation for more information.

Make Your Appointment Today at All Smiles Care of Westminster

Interested in learning more about if a smile makeover is right for you? Take care of your family’s smiles by scheduling online or by calling (410) 876-2096 today for an appointment. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have – our team at All Smiles Care of Westminster, Maryland is dedicated to making your family dental experience healthy, safe, and fun. Also, learn more about our COVID-19 precautions and rigorous 4-way safety system.