Missing Teeth and Oral Health

3 ways missing teeth can affect your oral health

missing teeth oral health, baltimore westminster mdMissing teeth can not only impact your appearance, they can harm your health. Here are four ways missing teeth can affect your health.

1. Crooked teeth

When you are missing teeth, your other teeth can begin to move and occupy the empty space. As a result, crowding or crooked teeth may occur as some teeth begin to compensate for the missing teeth. Crooked teeth or crowding could lead to more expensive orthodontic care such as Invisalign or braces.

2. Infection

Another way missing teeth can affect your health is infection. An empty space in your mouth can allow viruses and bacteria to set in. It is important to note that when you lose a tooth, the socket of the tooth should be thoroughly cleaned by a dentist in order to prevent infection.

3. Jaw pain

Jaw pain is another way missing teeth can affect your health. A missing tooth can cause your jaw to become unbalanced. If more than one tooth is missing, the movement of your jaw can be disrupted. An unbalanced or improperly function jaw can lead to jaw pain and other TMJ symptoms.

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Missing teeth do more than take away a good looking smile; they can also cause serious health problems. Don’t let a missing tooth or teeth take away your health. Practice good oral health and talk with your dentist today.

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