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As the holiday season gets closer, calendars begin to fill up with social engagements. From work parties to the annual neighborhood gathering there will be plenty of opportunities to celebrate the season with friends and family. These holiday parties are a time to relax and have fun with your loved ones. No one wants to...
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Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and felt embarrassed or unhappy about your smile? Have you wondered how your teeth have become yellow or stained over time? Fortunately, discolored teeth is an easy fix with many options. Tooth discoloration is generally caused by a couple of factors: The aging process– as we...
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In an ideal world, we either wouldn’t get cavities, or we would have the time off work and the funds to get those pesky dental issues treated right away. Sometimes when you are brushing, flossing, or even just running your tooth over your gums, you may notice a cavity that hasn’t yet started to cause...
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There are some bad habits that we all know are not good for your teeth (sipping sugary drinks and chewing tobacco are some examples), while others may not seem to be such a big deal. Below are some common habits that are not only impacting your oral health and smile, but are habits that your...
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With each new year, new food trends come onto the scene (juicing, the year of kale, etc), and it is always interesting to see what chefs and home foodies come up with! Below are some interesting up-and-coming trends you will be seeing this year at both restaurants and grocery stores. Get ready for some unique...
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1 in 4 people are affected by some degree of dental fear. Here at All Smiles Care, we are well-versed in handling cases of mild to severe fear of the dentist. If you had a poor experience in the dental chair in the past, or just simply become overly anxious when faced with the possibility...
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  When you lay down to go to sleep, sometimes your mind wanders to to-do lists, the day’s events, or other thoughts. Gradually, without even being aware, your mind relaxes to the alpha state of sleep, a stage characterized by deep breathing, day dreaming, and involuntary twitching. The alpha stage is not a deep sleep,...
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Do you have trouble sleeping? Below are some simple steps you can take in order to evaluate your sleep issues and provide a quality report to your doctor if needed. Sleep therapists recommend beginning with the following steps in order to regain control of your sleep issues: 1. Keep a sleep diary. Keep track of what...
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            picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr Carbohydrates, overall calories, or fat content are often targeted as the culprits for weight gain, and while these can contribute to your waistline, sugar is often hidden in seemingly healthy foods. Refined sugar is stripped of all of its natural nutrients, which gives...
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Treat TMJ with a simple dental appliance A TMJ orthotic, or a dental appliance, is designed to change the position of your lower jaw where your upper and lower jaws meet. A neuromuscular balanced acrylic TMJ bite splint will help your teeth to come together in a healthy bite position, successfully treating your TMJ. This...
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