What to Do If You Have Excessive or Uneven Gums

Uneven gums are fairly common, but sometimes they can negatively affect the health or self-confidence of the people that have them. Not all uneven gums are created equal, however, so let’s take a closer look at the various causes, concerns, and treatments of uneven gums.  

Causes of an Uneven Gum Line

Uneven gums can be caused by dental problems, but they can also occur naturally. If your genetics gave you small teeth, short teeth, an overgrown upper jaw bone, a short upper lip, and/or excessive gums, you might have a naturally uneven gum line. Otherwise, a dental injury, a dental problem that causes gum recession, poor oral hygiene, or uneven tooth wear, might be to blame.

Potential Problems From Uneven Gums

While having an uneven gum line might just be a cosmetic issue for some, others may experience actual health detriments because of it. For example, uneven gums may make it harder to properly clean one’s teeth. Also, if the uneven gum line is being caused by receding gums, that might be a marker of gum disease, which requires timely treatment.

Treatment Options for Uneven Gums

Whether your issue with uneven gums is cosmetic or health-related, fear not, as there are a handful of approaches you can take to fix the problem. 


Gingivoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes gum tissue to look more even. It’s an option that’s best used on patients that have average-sized gums that are just uneven or misshapen.


Unlike gingivoplasty, which reshapes existing gum tissue, a gingivectomy actually removes excess gum tissue to correct excessive gums or an uneven gum line.


Dental veneers are thin coverings that go over the front of your teeth and can change their size and shape. This can make veneers a great potential solution for anyone that has uneven gums on front teeth specifically, but they can help lots of different patients acquire a better ratio of gums to teeth.

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