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Dental fillings – See you around mercury!

Though there is a great variety of cosmetic dental procedures that can help improve your health and your smile, Dr. Gary Imm still provides plain old dental fillings for his patients. The good news is dental fillings no longer have to be made out of metal or amalgam. Now you have the choice of composite, or porcelain fillings.

The old amalgam or mercury and silver dental fillings have been shown to be not as healthy as once thought. With traditional mercury amalgam fillings, dentists must drill deeply into your tooth resulting in tooth weakening up to 75%.

Additionally, as you eat or chew, amalgam fillings can separate from your teeth creating gaps that allow bits of food to get in. Over time, this trapped food begins to cause tooth decay. Very hot or cold beverages can also cause these amalgams to expand or contract causing problematic cracks in the teeth they’re intended to protect.

Say hello to the next generation of dental fillings

If you still have old mercury or metal fillings that leave you with a mouth filled with dark and ugly looking teeth, you’ll be happy to know the dentistry world has come a long way from the days of metal filings. Today metal-free and mercury-free fillings are not used by most dentists mainly because toxins from the metals in old fillings can cause an unhealthy build-up in your body, leading to numerous health issues.

There has been a significant push to remove all forms of metal from your mouth, replacing it with materials such as porcelain and composite resins.  Today’s tooth-colored composite fillings are more attractive and a more enduring alternative to metal.

Get beauty, strength, better protection

Cosmetic dentists, such as Dr. Gary Imm and his All Smiles Care team in Westminster now offers porcelain and composites replacements to your old, silver and metal fillings.

Tooth-colored composite fillings are not only safer, stronger and more attractive than metal fillings, they also last longer. They bring strength back into your teeth and beauty back to your smile!

If you are restoring a tooth for the first time, composite filling materials not only reinforce and strengthen the tooth but it will provide for greater longevity and beauty.As a rule, they are also far less destructive to the tooth. When you initially have a “white filling” it requires only minimal natural tooth removal. It not only repairs decayed areas but it also seals up weak spots so decay will not infiltrate the other surface grooves.

When you need a new filling or need to replace one, make sure you take advantage of today’s better materials to get the longest lasting, healthiest treatment you can.

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