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Are your teeth sensitive to hot or cold beverages?

Are you someone who experiences any pain and/or tingling when you drink hot or cold beverages, or when eating ice cream?

Having sensitive teeth can really get in the way of your being able to enjoy drinking and eating. And because we need to drink and eat every single day, it’s important to have the healthy mouth and healthy gums that will allow us to eat and drink without experiencing any pain and/or tingling.

One of the more common reasons why someone may have sensitive teeth is because they have unhealthy gums, which can lead to their having an exposed root or nerve. Because an exposed root can be quite painful, it’s essential for you to do what you can so that you can have healthy gums. Now there is a simple and quick way to treat your sensitive teeth.

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Ozone for sensitivity: simple, quick, and non-invasive

Dental Ozone therapy is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure and is available to those who are experiencing any pain due to having unhealthy gums. Ozone is an oxidant and is made up of three oxygen molecules. It can treat gum disease, as well as help in the prevention of cavities. When Ozone therapy is used, it greatly improves the overall state of the gums by reducing any harmful stresses that may be currently taking place inside the mouth.

Dental Ozone therapy is especially beneficial for those who have sensitive teeth because this particular dentistry method infuses healing gasses directly into the gums. Ozone dental treatment helps eliminate harmful pathogens that may be living in the gums, and will also increase the blood flow that leads to much faster healing.

Other benefits of dental Ozone therapy

Although the main benefit to using Ozone dentistry includes killing any harmful bacteria in your mouth that can lead to gum disease, there are other benefits to using Ozone dental treatment. Ozone therapy also makes it possible for you to have a faster healing time by stimulating your natural immune and defense system.

Ozone therapy can also help teeth whitening sessions work much faster. Ozone therapy can even be used as an oral rinse to eliminate harmful mouth bacteria before dental care, or can be used as the primary treatment.

Can Ozone dentistry help you?

In order to determine if Ozone therapy is going to work for you, we invite you to come in so that we can determine the current state of your oral health and determine how ozone can help you.

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