Westminster, MD Family Dentistry

Why Choose Our Family Dentistry?

A Holistic Approach

Your dental health effects every part of your overall health and body. Our approach understands this.  It’s easy for dentists to miss this truth and focus simply on your teeth. 

Conveniently Located

Located right on 140, we are easy to get to from all over Carroll County, Maryland! We know life is busy and we work to make your visit as simple as possible.

Relationships First

We have a personal approach to family dentistry. That means a dental plan that is catered to your needs and also a care for you personally throughout the process. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

Dentistry has changed a lot in the last couple decades. Find a dentist who has stayed on the cutting-edge of newest technology and techniques. 

Kid Friendly

Kids love our office. From the exceptional staff with experience dealing with kids all the way to the “treasure box” prize at the end!

The Best Preventive Care

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. We are proactive in both your general and family dental care to ensure you don’t have problems in the future!

at All Smiles family is first

A Family Dentistry That’s Part of the Family

Here at All Smiles Care, we take a different approach to family dentistry in Westminster, MD. Our guests are really part of the All Smiles Care family! We want to provide the most professional care to our guests, but we believe that does’t mean we have to be cold or disconnected in the process. We hope your family can be a part of our family!


a team that cares

Our Team is the Difference

Our exceptional Westminster family dental staff makes each visit a joy. The difference at All Smiles Care is our staff. We could talk about our facility, technology, and training…but ultimately its about our staff. We invest in the best staff and we know that it makes all the difference. We can’t wait to provide general and family dental care for Westminster, MD patients!

Allow us to make your next visit great!

a dentist for you and your family!
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