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Treat TMJ with a simple dental appliance

tmj-dental-appliance-westminster-mdA TMJ orthotic, or a dental appliance, is designed to change the position of your lower jaw where your upper and lower jaws meet. A neuromuscular balanced acrylic TMJ bite splint will help your teeth to come together in a healthy bite position, successfully treating your TMJ.

This simple piece of plastic, not to be confused with appliances used to treat sleep apnea, instantly brings relief to the muscles of your face and neck. Your teeth finally find their intentional “resting place” and the relief you get will improve the quality of your life.

And relief is just the beginning.

Balance your bite without surgery

By bringing balance back to your bite, the strain, stress, pressure and pain that has been building in your jaw, neck, face, back, shoulders and the rest of your body will finally be relieved.

An orthotic is, effectively a splint that you wear over your lower back teeth. It’s comfortable, practically invisible and can give your overworked jaw muscles the rest they so desperately need. Over time, your orthotic can retrain you jaw muscles to relax into a new, healthy bite position.

When your bite is balanced with a TMJ appliance, all your pain symptoms will decrease and often disappear. We are balancing muscle activity, joint position, tooth contact and posture using a very special piece of plastic called a TMJ Orthotic.

Splint your jaw

Sometimes the most simple solution is the most effective one. Many people have successfully resolved their TMJ pain with an ingenious device.

Will a TMJ dental appliance relieve your TMJ pain? The first step in finding the answer to that question is booking a consultation with Westminster’s Dr. Gary Imm. Depending on your diagnosis, simple effective treatment and a return to pain-free living could be in the cards for you.

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