The secret to feeling well-rested

“The amount of sleep the average person needs is five minutes more. ” Wilson Mezener

That got your attention–right?! We all want to feel well-rested, and for most of us, between kids and work and sleep issues, it is difficult to get enough sleep. Current technology such as the popular fitness bands allow us to track our quantity and quality of sleep, theoretically allowing us to improve our nighttime habits. Sometimes it is not so easy though! Sleep apnea, snoring, snoring spouses (!), waking children, and deadlines often interrupt our rest.

So how can we feel well-rested even when we haven’t gotten enough sleep?!

When coffee doesn’t cut it, it turns out, that a simple mindset can! A 2014 psychological study told participants that their sleep would be tracked, and they would be given information regarding their REM cycles and how they compared to the average person. Some people were given data stating they were getting above average sleep; others were told their sleep quality and quantity was below average. The information was bogus and given at random. The participants were then given cognitive tests. Those who were told they slept well scored markedly higher on tests measuring attention and memory. The bottom line: the


that you have had enough sleep is enough to improve actual performance.

So perhaps this week, set aside your Fitbit, stop tracking your sleep to the minute, and wake up thinking that you got the sleep that you needed. That might be enough to add up to a great day!

Here at All Smiles, we value sleep, and if you are having health-related sleep issues, such as sleep apnea, check out our website here for how we can help you get the rest you need.

About the author

A practicing dentist since 1982, Dr. Gary Imm, provides advanced cosmetic dentistry, including smile makeovers, sedation, implant and TMJ services. He is committed to progressive, extraordinary care for his guests. All Smiles Dental Care trains at least 300 hours each year at such prestigious centers as the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry. (LVI)