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Tom Tom gets a new smile with dental veneers and implants. He discusses how Dr. Imm took care of all of his needs within just a few visits. Kristina Kristina gets a new and natural-looking smile with dental veneers. The change in her smile has helped her confidence, she’s now happy to show her new...
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Smile Gallery – What our clients have to say about us…     DEE: My teeth were always crooked on top. It bothered me immensely and I never really smiled. I would purse my lips so people couldn’t see my teeth. I was self-conscious and I never outgrew that, even as an adult. My friend recommended...
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Dentist Westminster MD – Dr. Gary Imm, like every dentist, hears: “No offence Doc, but I would rather be somewhere else” Why does every dentist, such as dentist Westminster MD – Dr. Gary Imm, hear that on a daily basis? Most likely because people experienced leaving a dental office with a bad taste in their mouth...
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