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Snap, crackle, pop … in your jaw? Whenever you use something repetitively, wear and tear is inevitable. This same fact holds true for your teeth. Think about that for a moment! You use your jaw each and every day. Day-in-day-out your jaw is working every time you talk, breathe, kiss, eat, drink, swallow, laugh, yawn… You...
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Facial pain can be more than miserable, Westminster Dentist Dr. Gary Imm can help Face pain can plague you in a variety of ways; However your face pain presents itself, it can be agony. What causes TMJ facial pain? TMJ affects all the muscles in the vicinity of your jaw, particularly those in your head,...
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Migraines and headaches are just a way of life …. aren’t they? You have been living with constant headaches for so long now, it’s just become a way of life. In fact, it’s been so long since you haven’t had a headache you simply can’t remember what life was like before. This way of living...
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What exactly is a TMJ? You have probably heard the term thrown around and you may have heard it used to describe a number of different scenarios. But are you able to define exactly what your TMJ is? Or are you baffled about TMJ? In terms of your jaw joint and the symptoms, causes and...
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Conquer your fear of dentists… Every time you even think about visiting a dentist, you flinch. Even though you clearly need some work done, you put off making the appointment.  When you finally do make that appointment, you sit in complete fear and anxiety in the Owing Mills waiting room, hoping for a miracle that somehow you’ll...
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Adult comforts now available to children Are we treating our children the best way possible when it comes to dental appointments for the treatment of cavities? Is there a better way to prevent a lifelong fear of dental care? Dental decay is currently the most common childhood illness, which causes detrimental effects to the child’s...
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Get Invisalign in Westminster, MD When you think about orthodontics, chances are you conjure up a picture of a lengthy processes involving braces, headgear and other tiresome appliances. While it’s reasonable to be concerned about the time, cost, and pain associated with orthodontics, it’s time to take your oral health seriously and straighten your crooked,...
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