3 Myths about Dental Decay

To tie up dental health month, let’s address 3 common myths about tooth decay. These myths address the cause of tooth decay, supposed inevitability, and how the decay forms.

Myth 1: Candy is generally the cause of tooth decay in children.

Fact: Candy gets a bad rap–and rightfully so. However, children today consume so many more things that are harmful to your teeth than just candy. Sodas, sports drinks (even vitamin water!), and fruit juices can all be the culprit for tooth decay. See our previous blog post on the most harmful beverages for your teeth and their enamel. Starchy foods such as potato chips can also cause tooth decay.

Myth #2: Cavities happen–there’s nothing much you can do about it.

Fact:People are more educated than ever about their health, including their oral health, and dental care is more accessible than ever before. With healthy oral habits, a balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, and regular dental care, your children do not have to grow up dealing with cavities. Prevention is key.

Myth #3: Cavities begin inside your tooth.

Fact: Most people don’t believe this anymore, but it was a commonly held belief in previous centuries. People believed that teeth rotted from the inside out, where now we know that decay forms on the outside of the tooth and works its way inward.



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