Westminster dentist Dr. Gary Imm answers the question, “Can sleep apnea cause depression”

Can sleep apnea cause depression?

does sleep apnea cause depression baltimore westmionsterSleep apnea and depression have a connection; depression can cause poor sleep habits and sleep apnea causes frequent disturbances while you sleep. Studies show poor sleeping habits and interruptions in the sleep cycle can magnify depression symptoms. In some cases, depression causes you to have trouble sleeping or staying asleep all night, frequently leading to sleepiness during the day and feelings of sadness.

What are the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea?

Some people experience loud snoring, gasping for air and, frequent waking periods during sleep. Most people who snore are informed of the issue by their sleeping partner who complains about the snoring or gasps. Sleep apnea and snoring is caused by the soft tissues in the back of your mouth relaxing and blocking your air passages. When the relaxed tissues block your airway, your body briefly wakes up to tighten the tissues and open the airways; this causes you to gasp.

Treat sleep apnea to get the sleep you need

Frequent interruptions in your sleep affect your mind and body in a variety of ways, including daytime fatigue, mood swings, an overall feeling of poor health and, weight gain. Sleep apnea frequently wakes you even if you are not aware of it. These frequent disturbances do not allow you to fully rest and prevents you from obtaining a full night’s sleep necessary to rejuvenate your body. You may feel tired and sad most of the time due to poor sleep caused by sleep apnea. Studies show treating sleep apnea may alleviate symptoms of depression and lead to a better quality of life.

Begin with a thorough physical from your family doctor and a complete dental exam. Talk with your Westminster dentist and your doctor about the results of your exams results to develop a plan to treat your sleep apnea and depression.

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A good night’s sleep leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Call us today for a consultation or download our free e-book to learn more about how sleep apnea and depression are related. Give yourself a fresh start with a peaceful night’s sleep.

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