Four Simple Steps to Tackle Your Sleep Problem


Do you have trouble sleeping? Below are some simple steps you can take in order to evaluate your sleep issues and provide a quality report to your doctor if needed.

Sleep therapists recommend beginning with the following steps in order to regain control of your sleep issues:

1. Keep a sleep diary. Keep track of what routine or lack of routine you followed, your bedtime and wake time, and any other relevant information. Be sure to note caffeine intake, especially if you feel that consuming caffeine too late may be affecting your sleep.

2. Establish a routine. Avoid caffeine if you are having sleep problems. Set an appropriate bedtime and wake up time, then maintain these even on the weekend. Avoid electronics within an hour of bedtime and find a way to wind down that works for you.

3. Spend less time in bed! This may sound silly if you are craving sleep, but make bed a place of rest and sleep only. Don’t read on your phone, work on your computer, or lay awake worrying in your bed. You may begin associating your bed as a place where you worry about getting enough sleep, or try and fail to go to sleep. If you find yourself in a period of wakefulness at night, after a couple of minutes, get out of bed and do something relaxing (read a book, drink a cup of decaffeinated tea, etc.) until you feel ready to sleep again.

4. Put it in perspective. Often if people are dealing with insomnia, they lay awake worrying about not getting enough sleep to function. Remind yourself that you have dealt with lack of sleep before, and you did not lose your job, your relationships, or other things important to you. Remind yourself it is a temporary issue that will resolve itself.

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