Giving Back for the Holidays



It’s easy to get tied up in picking out the perfect gifts for others, or attending holiday parties, or putting the finishing touches on decorations. However you spend your holiday season, we hope you’ll consider giving back to the community or anyone who needs a little extra joy in their lives…because really, the season is about


and not just to those who probably have enough already!


Here are a couple of creative ways to give back to get your started! Please feel free to share your own ideas below in the comments section:

1. Adopt a family in need for the holiday: Through Salvation Army or just your local church, you can locate a family in your area that may need food, clothing , or gifts for their children this Christmas. Team up with your family or coworkers to help provide a special holiday.

2. Give a meaningful gift in honor of a the person on your list that has it all! Check out to find out how to give the gift of food to those who need it the most. Heifer International works to end hunger and poverty all over the world.

3. Pay it forward. Find a simple way to brighten the day of someone around you, whether it be paying for their coffee, leaving a large tip at a restaurant, or leaving some homemade goodies for someone at the office who may need some extra cheer.

4. Keep extra dollar bills and change and actually put something in the Salvation Army buckets.

5. Get your children involved in clearing out their (gently used) toys to make room for new ones. Donate their toys to a local family in need, church nursery, or Goodwill store in your area.

6. Shop local or fair trade for gifts to keep money in the community or supporting craftsmen around the world.

7. Donate blankets, coats, hats, and gloves to a homeless shelter to keep people warm throughout the winter.

8. For a free way to give back, click here and upload a photo of you or someone you know giving their very best smile. For every smile uploaded, we’ll donate a dollar to Operation Smile ( for info). This is a great organization, and costs you only minutes of your time.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and are spending it with those you love!

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