Sedation Dentistry for Kids?

Sedation dentistry is not always considered when weighing your options for your child’s dental work. If your child is fearful, unable to sit still, or has a large amount of dental work to complete, sedation is a great option to complete your dental needs.

A couple of benefits of sedation for kids include:

1. Safety in dental procedures as it eliminates the risk of your child moving during their dental work.

2. The ability to complete a large amount of work at once. This decreases the amount of school missed (and amount of work missed for you).

3. Ability to complete dental work without tears for children who are afraid of the dentist

4. Ease in completing dental procedures for children with ADHD or other issues with sitting still or anxiety

If sedation sounds like the right choice for your child’s dental work, contact us at 410-876-2096.

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