Thinking about Having Dental Implants Done in Mexico?

Dental Implants in Mexico

Dental care is essential for maintaining your general well-being. Sadly, the high cost of dental implants sees record numbers of Americans looking for ways to save money. Some even choose to have dental implants done in Mexico. But those people may be putting their lives in jeopardy.

What Is “Dental Tourism?”

Medical tourism has long been a popular practice, and patients who seek foreign dental care are the most recent type of health vacationers. According to one European study, 260,000 people per year travel overseas to seek dental care. While there are not yet any American statistics on this subject, insiders in the dental industry believe that Mexican dental implants, along with other dental procedures, are growing by around 20 percent per year. It has also been suggested that the typical dental tourism patient is a middle-class American citizen who has dental insurance.

More research is being done on what prompts people to travel for both dental and medical care. Dental clinicians and other researchers are determining what the impact is on the economy; the future development potential of the dental tourism industry; the decision-making process around dental tourism and the risks of traveling overseas for dental care.

What Are the Risks Associated with Dental Tourism?

Planning to go and get dental implants in Mexico requires a great deal of time and money. Sure, on paper, traveling for such a procedure may look like a bargain. However, there are factors that have to be considered before you book that flight and make an appointment at a Mexican dental office.

While the cost of dental implants may be better in another country, travelling abroad to visit a dentist might cost more in the long run. The final cost for foreign dental care could exceed the initial domestic dental estimate, once patients factor in the cost of correcting dental errors from the foreign procedure. If dental procedure errors occur on foreign soil, patients have little to no chance of winning a malpractice lawsuit.

There have been numerous stories about patients who travel to Mexico for dental implants only to come back with implants that requiring repair work. The poorly done implants come loose in just a few months, so patients end up paying out more for corrective work.

There Is a Way to Minimize Dental Care Risks

The relationship between a patient and a dentist is personal and one that should involve the thorough investigation of facts. If you are looking for a way to minimize dental implants risks, you should consider staying stateside for the treatment.

Affordable payment plans from All Smiles Care and dental insurance policies can help render dental implants affordable right here at home.

Get Your Dentals Implants Done at Home

There are far greater benefits and a lot fewer risks to having dental implants done at home. If you would like to learn more about dental implants insurance, the procedure and the safety benefits of having dental implants done in America, we at All Smiles Care are happy to talk to you. Get in touch today.

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