What to Expect From a Virtual Dentist Visit

Woman pointing to her tooth during an online dentist appointment

What to Expect in a Virtual Dentist Appointment

COVID-19 has changed the way many of us carry out our everyday lives. From grocery shopping to going on vacation, modifications have been made to ensure that people can remain safe and healthy. One modification that dentist offices have made is offering teledentistry services for their patients.

Teledentistry is the practice of providing comprehensive dental care virtually, whether that be through the use of video conferencing, telephone, or photos. With this service, dental hygienists and dentists can perform offsite preventive care or screenings anywhere and at any time of day. 

Virtual dentist appointments are quick, easy, and convenient, and more people are opting for the service. In addition to these benefits, teledentistry is proven to:

  • Improve the dental hygiene of patients.
  • Align with today’s patients’ needs for modern forms of communication.
  • Improve access to care for patients.

If you’ve never had a virtual dentist appointment and you’re curious about what they’re like, keep on reading!

What Are Some Reasons to Use Teledentistry?

There are plenty of reasons why people should use teledentistry. Among other reasons, people can opt for this service if they are located far away from a dentist’s office or can’t physically travel to one. Or, for elderly patients who live in care homes, teledentistry can be more convenient for them if they aren’t able to travel. 

During the time of COVID, many people who have underlying medical conditions should take extra precautions against the virus and distance themselves from others. Additionally, many dental offices have remained closed during this time to avoid spreading the virus, so in lieu of having patients physically come in, they are seeing them virtually instead.

What an Online Dentist Consultation is Like

Online dental consultations operate relatively similarly as normal appointments would (except for the hands-on cleaning, of course!) You’ll meet with your hygienist via a video-conferencing app and they’ll ask you questions about any ailments, your general dental routine, and anything that you’d like to bring to their or the dentist’s attention. Then, your hygienist will give you tips on how to get dentist-clean teeth and gums and how to maintain that until your next in-person appointment.

And that’s not all! Below is a general breakdown of a few services that can be provided during a virtual consultation.


During this appointment, your dentist can assess your teeth through photos and videos taken by you, or through existing dental records that can be examined remotely.


If you’re in pain or need antibiotics to cure an abscess, your dentist can listen to your symptoms and prescribe a drug remotely that you can then go pick up at your convenience.


This type of treatment is used as a great way to monitor dental treatments, particularly with orthodontics. Your dentist is able to supervise and monitor the progress of your dental health whenever it’s convenient.

How to Schedule Your Online Dentist Appointment

Your convenience and safety is important to us, and we are happy to offer virtual dental consultations to our new and existing patients. Now it’s possible to begin your dental care process and get professional recommendations from the comfort of home! To schedule your own virtual dentist appointment, visit our virtual consultation page and fill out the form located at the bottom of the page. Once you do that, one of our friendly staff members will reach out to you to confirm your appointment.

Don’t wait – schedule your virtual appointment today!