The Best Dental Hygiene Apps

There’s an app for everything! Sure, you can use an old-fashioned timer to time your brushing, or just tell your kids to get the toothbrush back in their mouth for another minute, but why not make it more fun! We found some fun ways to spice up your brushing routine using your smartphone. Do you have a favorite app? Let us know below in the comments!


1. Brush DJ– The Brush DJ app is free, and randomly selects songs from your playlist to play for two minutes while you brush. Two minutes is the recommended time according to dentists to thoroughly clean your teeth.

2. Teeth Whitener– This app shows you what you would look like with a whiter, brighter smile. Similar to hairstyling apps, this can help provide that extra motivation to schedule your dental cleaning or whitening consult.

3. Time 2 Brush– This free app sponsored by Aquafresh times kids’ brushing times while a dancing squirt of toothpaste called a Nurdle counts down from 2 minutes. At the completion of brushing time, your child can earn points to customize their “Nurdle” (shoes, accessories, etc.). The app can save multiple Nurdles so each child can have their own.

4. Colgate Tooth Fairy- This app provides different fun timers for brushing, as well as dental themed games such as Funky Smiles where you can switch out your smile for some funny ones.

Share your favorite life apps below (dental or otherwise)- we would love to hear!

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