March is National Nutrition Month!


Just as life starts to pick up and our healthy resolutions may be falling by the wayside, National Nutrition Month is here to hopefully kick us back in gear! Below are a few (very tiny! very doable!) changes you can make to get started on healthy eating just in time for spring and summer!

1. Move! Ten minutes a day can make a big difference. Walk instead of drive when possible. Take a walk during the last part of your lunch hour. Walk laps around the soccer field during your kids’ games. Do things you enjoy and you may want to keep going longer than ten minutes!

2. Fill at least half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Draw an invisible line and fill half with produce, then the other half with grains, proteins, and dairy.

3. Make at least half of your grain choices whole grain.

4. Pack lunch. Make an extra portion of dinner to take as leftovers, or purchase healthy lunch items you enjoy. Avoiding fast food or making a fast choice while starving at a deli or cafeteria can save you on calories, taste, and money!

5. Enjoy all of your food- but eat less. You can still enjoy pizza, desserts, burgers, and other favorite, high calorie foods, but just eat them less often and smaller portions. Use a smaller plate when eating at home. Ask for a leftover container with your meal and package up an appropriate portion for lunch the next day. Most of us will eat what is in front of us out of habit.


Have a healthy and happy month!

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