Foods and Drinks That Are Great for Your Smile

The Best Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth

Eating is, of course, one of the few things that everyone needs to do, so it’s important to eat well in order to keep our bodies healthy and happy for as long as possible. Doctors everywhere recommend that we eat a balanced diet consisting of mostly fruits and vegetables in order to keep our bodies healthy. But, did you know that in addition to keeping the body healthy, there are foods that can keep our teeth healthy as well?

That’s right! There are foods that are scientifically proven to contribute to better overall oral care. And, there’s even better news – these foods are all ones that you likely consume every day. So, even if you aren’t a foodie, you can still eat your way to a better smile. Read on to learn more about what foods you should be eating for your oral health!


Much of the world’s population identifies as massive cheese lovers. So, if you fall into this category, you’re doing equally good things to your belly and your mouth. According to a study published in the American Academy of General Dentistry’s magazine General Dentistry, cheese raises the pH in the mouth and lowers the risk of tooth decay. Along with its natural proteins and calcium, which builds up the tooth’s enamel. Additionally, as you’re eating cheese, the mouth produces more saliva to break it down for digestion. 

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens, like spinach and kale, are generally found on lists detailing the foods you should incorporate into your diet for your overall health. So, it’s not surprising that they are also a great food to eat for your oral health. They are full of vital vitamins and nutrients that we need throughout our bodies, but they are also packed with calcium


It turns out that carrots are good for a lot more than your eyes. Carrots are, of course, a great source of vitamin A, which is why they are recommended for a healthy diet. They are also crunchy and full of fiber, so your mouth has to naturally work harder to process them for digestion, which reduces the risk of cavities. 


Drinking tea has been a part of many cultures for thousands of years, and we’re starting to think that it’s not only because it tastes good. Tea has a number of healthy properties, but when it comes to oral care, it has a surprising benefit. Black and green teas have a property called polyphenols that have been proven to slow the growth of harmful bacteria. So, not only can you enjoy a relaxing cup of your favorite tea, but you can also stave off gum disease and cavities at the same time.

Did any of these foods surprise you? If so, you’re not alone! In order to keep up with your oral care, make sure to stock up on these foods, brush twice a day, floss once a day, and visit your dentist twice a year. If you’re in the Westminster, MD area and are in need of a dentist, feel free to give us a call!

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