Everything You Really Need to Know About Invisalign in Westminster

Ask anyone about their teeth and you will likely hear that they wish they were whiter and straighter.

With so many people desiring straighter teeth, though, why aren’t more of them investing in braces?

This really isn’t a difficult question to answer. Really, not everyone wants traditional braces. They draw attention to the mouth, they look bulky, and they’re simply not the most attractive thing in the world.

That’s why Invisalign was invented. A clear braces option! At first glance, these sound like the most amazing option ever. They fix everything that’s wrong with traditional braces.

But are Invisalign in Westminster really all they’re cracked up to be? Here’s what you need to know about Invisalign braces.

Just the Facts: Why Invisalign Are a Great – But Not Perfect – Option


Some people are under the impression that Invisalign braces are perfect. That’s not the case. They’re simply another option. These braces have their not-so-great aspects just like traditional braces.

Here are some reasons why Invisalign braces aren’t perfect.

1. They Have Their Limitations

The main issue we see with Invisalign in Westminster is that they have limitations that traditional braces don’t have. In Westminster, Invisalign can be a great option for patients who just need a little bit of straightening. For instance, some patients come to us who’ve had traditional braces in the past but didn’t wear their retainer afterwards. Some shifting is natural in these cases, and those patients who want to straighten back up have great results with Invisalign.

Those patients who have severe occlusion problems that include not just their teeth but their jaw bone are often better suited for traditional braces. Patients with TMJ disorder sometimes require braces to help alleviate their pain. Providing them with ideal occlusion helps to prevent muscle tension and pain. However, if a patient has a crossbite, overbite, or underbite – conditions in which the jaw bone is contributing to malocclusion – traditional braces are typically the better option.

2. People Don’t Realize They’ll Be Uncomfortable

Another issue with Invisalign is that many people are lost in the “Invisalign are pretty” outlook and don’t realize that they’ll have similar discomfort with clear braces as they will with traditional ones. The teeth are moving and that causes some discomfort. In some cases, ibuprofen and an icepack are needed whenever a patient receives a new set of Invisalign trays. The pain is often less intense, though, and not as long-lasting as with traditional braces.

3. Invisalign Patients Have to Keep Their Trays in Most of the Day

It’s also a common misconception that Invisalign braces can be worn here and there, now and then. We’re not quite sure where this idea sprung from, but the reality is that you have to wear them at least 20 hours each day in order to see results. In fact, it’s recommended that patients keep them in even more than that if possible.

That means that you have two to four hours in a 24 hour period to brush, floss, drink, and eat. Some patients aren’t crazy about this, feeling like they have to live by the clock.

4. It Is Incredibly Easy to Get Lazy

One thing we’ve noticed about patients in Westminster and Invisalign braces is that it can be really easy to get lazy. You have to carry a retainer case with you everywhere you go. Believe us – you want to do this. We’ve seen too many patients wrap their trays in a napkin at a restaurant and then either forget them or accidently throw them away.

As time passes, it’s really easy to get slack about the length of time the braces are worn, too. Some people forget to put their trays in at all. Others simply wear them fewer and fewer hours during the day.

Why Invisalign Braces Are Worth the Investment

While getting Invisalign in Westminster may not be the perfect option, it’s often a great option for patients. If a patient is a candidate for Invisalign, we definitely recommend the investment. Here’s why.

1. It Is Easier to Keep the Teeth Clean

One of the saddest things we see is a mouth full of decay after a patient’s been through orthodontia. Just imagine – you’ve been in braces for a year or two. It’s finally time to get them off. You imagine a gorgeous, straight smile. It’s exciting.

Then, your dentist removes the braces and tells you that there’s a lot of decay that will need to be taken care of right away. How disheartening.

Invisalign makes homecare so much easier. All you have to do is remove the trays, clean them, and then brush and floss your teeth. Our patients love that they don’t have to add any special floss threaders or brushes to their homecare routine.

2. They’re Ideal for Special Occasions

For our patients with weddings, graduations, class photos, and other special events, clear braces are awesome! People hardly even notice clear braces.

3. Invisalign is More Comfortable

Sensitivity is inevitable, but patients have less sensitivity with Invisalign. Traditional metal braces can do a lot of damage to the lips, cheeks, and tongue. Invisalign won’t damage soft tissues.

Braces in Westminster: Your Dentist Knows Which Option is Best for You

When most people think about getting braces in Westminster, they often think solely about the aesthetics. They want the option that is going to make them feel great about themselves.

Something else to take into consideration, though, is what’s best for a person’s dentition and lifestyle. Going to a dentist in Westminster for braces will give you the opportunity to find out which option is best.

When patients come to our office in Westminster for braces, we tell them whether they should go with traditional braces or Invisalign. Westminster patients benefit from that professional assessment and get the best results possible.

If you’re curious about whether you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, don’t hesitate to bring this conversation up. We only want what’s best for our patients and will do all we can to provide you with a beautiful, healthy outcome.


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