Signs You Might be Headed for a Dental Emergency

How to Spot Future Dental Problems

Your adult teeth are the only teeth you’ll have for the rest of your life. You will use these teeth for many decades, and for this reason, it’s important to take great care of them. When you look after your teeth, you’re not only ensuring that you have a healthy set of teeth that will serve you well when eating, but you can also avoid a multitude of other connected health issues.

As well as brushing and flossing daily, it’s important to be aware of any issues that might arise. By taking immediate action when you notice a problem with your teeth, you can avoid health problems that can quickly become serious. There are some key things you should be looking out for when it comes to your dental health, and this emergency dentist in Westminster, MD, has outlined some things you should look out for.


Classic Toothache

The first sign of problems with your teeth is the dreaded toothache. While it can be easy to brush a toothache off as something everyone experiences at some point in life, it is usually indicative of a larger problem.

If your toothache problem goes from being an occasional ‘ouch’ to a dull, icy, aching pain that continues for hours on end, then you could be facing a serious problem.

Sudden, sharp pains in your teeth can also indicate an issue like a cracked tooth or an abscess. None of these problems will get better on their own, which is why it’s so important to rely on the services of a trustworthy dentist.

The lesson is to simply be aware of any aches and pains. Healthy teeth should not ache at all.


Abscesses and Sores in Your Mouth

Another symptom, which should be hard to miss, includes abscesses and sores in your mouth. An abscess is a collection of pus that is typically caused by a bacterial infection. An abscess will usually form under the skin or under the gum, causing considerable pain and noticeable lumps. The lump may occasionally leak fluids, or it may appear as a strong, yet painful bump.

The sores and abscesses within the mouth will usually be caused by tooth infections, which are triggered by tooth decay. As a tooth decays, bacteria will build up at the pulp of the tooth, and grow over a period of weeks and months.

If you notice that these lumps are appearing in your mouth, then it is almost a certain sign that you are experiencing a dental problem. When you notice these kinds of lumps and sores, you’ll need an emergency dentist.


Loose Teeth

Teeth becoming loose is another common sign that you could be facing serious dental problems. These shifting or loose teeth will usually be accompanied by sensitive or swollen gums. This is another indicator of a tooth infection or tooth decay. It could even be a sign of gum disease, which will only continue to get worse.

If you notice a tooth shifting, it’s important to take swift action to prevent a dental emergency.


Bad Breath

It’s also worth remembering that you shouldn’t be experiencing bad breath if you regularly brush your teeth. Bad breath, sometimes called halitosis, is a sign of a bacterial infection in your mouth. If you do not brush your teeth regularly, the smell will be caused by a buildup of food between your teeth, which will eventually cause infection.


How to Stop Dental Emergencies

There are multiple ways you can help stop tooth decay. The first is to remember to brush your teeth twice a day. Use a toothbrush with stiff bristles, and use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. If possible, brush after every meal – and floss at least once a day. This way, you will avoid food particles getting stuck in your teeth and gums, meaning bacteria will be less able to build up in your mouth.

Fluoride-containing and antiseptic mouthwash can also help kill bacteria in your mouth, meaning even if you do miss some food stuck in your teeth, you’ll be killing off the germs that feed on it.

You can also make changes to your diet that will keep your teeth healthy. By eating nutritious and balanced meals every day, and limiting the number of snacks you consume (including carbohydrate-rich foods like chips, which stick to your teeth), you’ll be giving your teeth and gums the nutrients they need to stay strong.

Ensuring that you get all the nutrients your teeth and gums need, and taking measures to ensure that your teeth are cleaned thoroughly every day, will give you the best chance of avoiding dental problems in the future.


Get Professional Help When You Encounter Dental Problems

When you experience a dental emergency in Westminster, it’s time to make a choice. Who do you trust to provide you with professional dental treatment? At All Smiles Care, we provide some of the very best dental treatment and services in Maryland.

Our team of highly trained dentists can provide all the dental services you’ll ever need – from emergency treatment for loose or broken teeth to cosmetic and maintenance procedures. As a same-day dentist in Westminster, we can quickly treat dental abscesses and infections, repair teeth that have been damaged, and give you the care you need at the drop of a hat.

All Smiles Care knows that dentistry is much more than just fixing your teeth – it’s about providing an excellent and reliable service that ensure you get the treatment you need.

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A practicing dentist since 1982, Dr. Gary Imm, provides advanced cosmetic dentistry, including smile makeovers, sedation, implant and TMJ services. He is committed to progressive, extraordinary care for his guests. All Smiles Dental Care trains at least 300 hours each year at such prestigious centers as the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry. (LVI)

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