Does TMJ Affect Other Parts Of The Body?

4 parts of your body that can be affected by your jaw

Photo of man suffering from TMJ painWhen you suffer from chronic pain, it makes everything else seem less enjoyable. Do you wake up with chronic and severe headaches each morning, or suffer with a sore back? Are you aware that your symptoms may actually be related to a misaligned jaw? There are, in fact, four parts of your body that may be affected by your jaw. Let’s talk about these areas of your body, as well as the treatment for TMJ.

How does TMJ affect your body?

Your jaw is comprised of the upper skull and lower mandible, or jaw, that is hinged together by a joint, disc and other connective tissue. If something happens to cause your jaw to move out of alignment, either through genetics, a bad bite, uneven dentistry or a simple accident, other symptoms can slowly begin to surface.

This is because a misaligned jaw causes you to open and close your mouth in an imbalanced way that puts increased pressure on the jaw joint. Think how many times a day you typically yawn, chew, talk and make other facial expressions. Over time, that normal functional activity continues to apply an abnormal amount of pressure to the joint.

Eventually, the disc begins to wear down, and your facial and jaw muscles become chronically fatigued. Four other common areas of your body that are affected by radiating pain resulting from your jaw joint disorder include your eyes, ears, back and head, causing:

  • Eye pain
  • Ear aches
  • Headaches
  • Back pain

What TMJ relief is available?

There are a variety of methods used for TMJ treatment today, including dental devices, orthotics, braces and tooth restoration. It is important to find the best TMJ solution to resolve the specific issues causing your pain.

How can you get a cure for TMJ?

The first step towards finding TMJ relief is to contact a qualified TMJ dentist for a full examination of your jaw and teeth, and also the way your jaw moves when you bite. After reviewing their findings, your dentist should be able to suggest the best approach for you.

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